My Approach: 

There are several types of therapy, each with it's own strengths.  When dealing with infertility, pregnancy loss and postpartum depression, I recommend a multi-faceted approach which can include group therapy, individual therapy as well as couples therapy.  

It is very important for my clients to feel they have a safe space to share their experiences and develop skills to manage the myriad emotions that come with this journey of trying to build a family.  Together we customize a program that will be the most beneficial to you; this may change over time as well.  For example, some clients choose to begin with individual therapy but ultimately find that having their partner participate is a critical piece of their healing.  Further, group therapy can be extremely beneficial, creating a network of individuals and couples who are also on this journey and can share in the pain, heartache and hope for the future.

From a clinical perspective, the modalities I most frequently use in my work are a mix of Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Narrative Therapy.  The key tenets of IPT are to recognize and explore the role transition that occurs for individuals and couples as they seek to build a family, to explore feelings of grief and loss that may be occurring, and to address the interpersonal disputes that are at play.  In narrative therapy, we focus on giving clients space to tell their stories, past and present.  As clients share their stories, they are invited to imagine and discover a new narrative, one in which they proactively choose the path before them.  Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is quite different but also provides important and helpful elements of healing. In CBT, we provide tools for managing and expressing stress, anxiety and grief in healthy ways. 

What to Expect:  

  • Individual therapy: typically a weekly, 50 minute session.  This is flexible based on a client's schedule and needs.  Therapy can be brief - sometimes as few as 10-12 sessions, or longer in duration, depending on the client's interests and goals.

  • Couples therapy sessions: single sessions (50 minutes) and double sessions (1.5 hours) available.

  • Group therapy: Group sessions are held on a bi-weekly basis and run about 1 1/2 hours in length.  Typically, we take a short hiatus over the summer.

  • Phone consultations/counseling available for those not within driving distance.  Please call (203) 921 6559 to discuss this option further.

  • Emergency counseling sessions are also available for critical situations.


Individual sessions: $125/hour

Couples sessions: $175/hour

Group sessions: $25/hour

Emergency consultations: $250/hour

I do not accept insurance but will gladly help with paperwork should your insurance company reimburse for out of network providers.