If you are a therapist and/or you run an agency that works with clients dealing with issues of infertility, pregnancy loss and grief, you know how complicated and challenging it can be to navigate this territory. 

It is essential that you have the tools to appropriately support your client(s) thru the web of challenges that comes with infertility and loss.  Enhancing your understanding of the terminology and the physical and emotional implications and impact of medical interventions and crises will help you be a better therapist and a more prepared source of support. 

Further, this is an often misunderstood and very complicated grief.  How does one grieve the child he never knew?  And how can you mourn a pregnancy you cannot achieve?  These are the very real experiences of our clients and they are complicated by a culture that shies away from discussion of that which is uncomfortable and unknown. 

Consultation services for specific clients are available on a 15/30/45 minute basis.  Training programs for groups of clients are also available to help assist and enhance your knowledge and understanding of the field if you plan to build your practice in this much needed area of specialty.