As a medical professional, you are on the front lines in dealing with pregnancy loss, stillbirth and infant death.  You are the experts who treat patients when a loss needs to be communicated and this can put you in a complicated web of needs, both medical and emotional.  Your first priority must be the health and well-being of your patient(s) but you are well aware that the emotional needs of your patients are  also critically important.  

For many reasons, medical practices are time constrained and working very hard to give the best care, often with limited resources.  In those first critical moments of a patient's greatest need, two things are key:  

*  training so that you can respond to your patient with the right balance of care, compassion and information

* resources so that you can refer your patient to others who can help him/her deal with the emotional impact of the loss

I offer services to both hospitals and medical practices looking to educate their staff on how to appropriately respond to crisis situations such a pregnancy loss, stillbirth and infant loss.  Your words and actions in the first minutes, hours and days of your patient's loss can make all the difference not only in their healing but also in their response to your care.  You want your patients to have the best experience possible, even in the midst of their crisis.  Having a staff that is well trained and prepared for such situations will greatly impact the likelihood of a positive outcome.  

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